Barry Hilton

Barry Hilton is an award winning stand-up comedian with over 30 years of comedy performances under his belt! Barry Hilton has raised the world’s laughter level considerably.

We feel very proud to grab a LIVE interview with him - whilst in the HOT SEAT we'll take the opportunity to get some jokes out of him, talk about all the funny walks of life he's been through and quite honestly have a good laugh! His delightful knack of finding the ludicrous and the humorous turns daily situations on their head to make us laugh at life.

Barry is a seasoned comedian who’s as streetwise as any youngster. He’s remained at the top by continually coming up with fresh material – and by having six children to keep him hip and happening.

His act is intelligent, observational, impeccably timed and never crude, sexist or racist. Just enormously funny.

Date: Tuesday, June 9th, 7:30 pm GST  


Mick Miller

We are in for a treat with this LIVE interview with Mick Miller who's had a long and successful career stretching over 40 years as a comedian, television host, acting in theatres with an endless profile of appearances and starring in shows. In the interview hosted by Tim Elliott, we will find out all the inside scoop stories in show business Mick has to tell with plenty of laughs along the way!

Date: Wednesday, June 10th, 7:30 pm GST 

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