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Please follow our Social Media to stay up to date with all current regulations. 

Covid Safety

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Welcome to the oldest theatre in the UAE!

Due to the current pandemic issues, our safety measures have obviously needed to change but the magic and history of the QE2 and the Theatre remain.


Theatre by QE2 is committed to providing you with a safe environment in alignment with the UAE COVID-19 safety protocols.

We have reviewed and brought in new operating procedures for Theatre by QE2 as the safety of our audiences, as well as the cast, crew and management is a key priority in these troubling times.


It is no exaggeration to say that we are delighted to welcome you to the Theatre and hope you enjoy the experience of live entertainment once again!

Before you visit 

Booking Tickets 
Please ensure that you follow all covid rules when purchasing the tickets online. 

Before you arrive__edited.png

Temperature check 
Please ensure that you have a normal temperature before arrival to allow quick entry. 

Before you arrive__edited.png

Ticket check
Please ensure that you have all your tickets, as we cannot allow you to enter without. 

Before you arrive__edited.png

During your Stay

Sanitize your hands 
Please use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the show. 

When you arrive & leaving_edited.png

Social distance 
Please ensure that you have at least a 2-meter distance from others at all times when around the theatre. 

When you arrive & leaving_edited_edited.

Wash hands 
Please ensure that you wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. 

When you arrive & leaving_edited.png

Follow directions 
Please pay 
attention to signs and listen to our staff throughout the duration of your visit. 

When you arrive & leaving_edited.png
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